'KEVIN' is a consultant in 'Stainless Steel' and has a clear mission statement in that 'he says what he does and does what he says'! Kevin's passion in life, is to see what he can't see!

For the past thirty-three years Kevin has specialised in the supple of fasteners and fixings, metals, machined parts and fabrications. Polishing is all part of the package, where quality, service and value for money counts!

'Profit through Partnership'

Kevin and Inox, supplier and customer, manufacturer and agent are proven partnerships that work. 'Kevinox' has evolved from expertise earned of 33 years in industry establishing contacts and developing relationships and networks of expertise based on trust and integrity.


A stainless reputation has earned Kevin a twenty-four-seven service mentality, second to non! 'Attitude, Skill & Knowledge' is what is on offer when you 'ASKevin'!

Industry includes Aerospace, Boating, Civil, Defence, Electronic, Fabrication and General engineering markets.

Kevin was involved in the supple of fixings for the 'New Second Severn Bridge project pictured below. This contract was the biggest engineering project undertaken in Europe during the nineties and 'Prilock' one of Kevin's trademark(c) was used in the construction.

All enquiries are most welcome and delivery is assured using a network of a professional logistics providers for guaranteed deliveries worldwide.

So next time you are in the market, 'ASKevin' where stainless is pay-n-less.