Our Mission Statement

Kevinox is a well established company offering the industry valued experience and quality Stainless Steel products.

We provide and supply all our products and services in accordance with our BSI-ISO9001:2008 QA procedures.

We endeavour to respond to any enquiry with a quick turnaround. Within our services, we can advise and support projects that require bespoke fabrication, exoctic materials and unique milling or machining.

We have available services within the industry that enhance our capability and that give our company a complete service to all industries that require stainless steel.

We have the capability to acquire all aspects of stainless steel.

Our range of products is vast and we only provide quality products at competitive prices.

We thrive on a policy that can respond to a challenge and will endeavour to always provide our customers with a consistant and reliable service.

We also provide a consultancy service to any company requiring special materials and have the resources to support our customers in making decisions as to which stainless steel or exotic materials need to be used in a normal or hostile environment.

We welcome your enquiries!